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What we offer

support for young people


• Worried?
• Unhappy?
• Being bullied?
• Parents arguing, separating or divorcing?

Want to talk it over with someone? – Relate Young People can help.





At Relate we believe that relationship skills can be learnt, and the earlier the better. We are committed to helping young people develop the skills which will help them to build good foundations for all future relationships. Our youth counsellors work with young people exploring many sensitive and complex areas of relationships, at school and at home. Counsellors work within the guidelines and practice of the child protection policy in Cornwall.

Moving up to secondary school can be daunting… if you are being bullied, it’s hard to know where to turn… sometimes it helps to talk things through in confidence. It also helps with parents divorcing where often the child takes it personally and blames themselves for the breakdown in the relationship. Counselling enables young people to master self confidence and learn to have a voice from a young age.

Counselling can help if:

You are concerned that mum and dad argue all the time

You are feeling unhappy about your parent’s break up and all the changes this will bring

You are having difficulty with the idea of a step family and where you now fit in to the new family

You are suffering for the loss of someone you felt close to

You have other friendships problems, maybe at school that worry you

Frequently Asked Questions for Young People:

Q: What can I expect to happen in counselling?

A: Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk about things that are bothering you in privacy and safety with someone who is specially trained to listen and understand.

Q: How many times do I have to attend?

A: That’s up to you. You can discuss this with your counsellor once you have talked about what’s on your mind. some people find one session very useful, others find they need more time to explore what they are going through.

Q: Doesn’t counselling mean that I’m mad?

A: No, wanting to talk over your problems does not mean you are mad or that there is anything wrong with you. It is often easier to speak to someone outside your friend and family so that you can get a better understanding without worrying how they might react.

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Counselling is available in some schools free of charge. In our centres we do ask for payment, but this may vary.

Q: Will anyone else find out what I’ve said?

A: Not unless what you tell us suggests that you are at risk of significant harm. Then we will have to involve other adults in order to get the best help for you.

Q: I’m not sure if I really want to see a counsellor?

A: The first session is the best place for you and the counsellor to talk about your concerns. If the time’s not right for you, you can always come back another time. Sometimes it helps to know we are there!