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sex therapy






An active sex life is an integral part of your relationship, and there are several reasons why you may wish to speak to one of our Sex Therapists. Some problems we deal with regularly include:

Loss of desire
Erectile dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
Pain during intercourse

We also speak to many couples who do not have these problems but would like to continually develop their sexual relationship with a Relate Cornwall sexual therapist. Together with your therapist you will first decide what you would like to achieve (at the beginning) and will plan the best route for the counselling sessions. As part of our sexual therapy you will be given exercises to try in your own time; there will never be activities undertaken during the counselling session.

Sex therapy involves first discussing the problem to help with understanding, then looking at how to solve the issue emotionally and physically and finally how to go about preventing reoccurrence. Relate deal with every client’s situation individually, and the length of time therapy takes depends on your circumstances. Sessions are usually weekly and therapists always work at your pace, not a timetable, so you will never feel rushed or obligated to come back unnecessarily.

Sex therapy sessions can be attended by a couple; married or unmarried, same- sex relationships, young or old and even one partner alone can attend if this is required. Please do mention that you would specifically like to see a sex therapist as our counsellors specialise in different areas.