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What we offer

family problems


Relate offer Counselling for:


  •  Parents & Children
  •  Brothers & Sisters
  • Step-Parents and Step Children
  • Extended families


What is Relate Family Counselling?





In an ideal world, we would all like our families to live happily together and never have quarrels or disagree.  But real life is not like that and every family has arguments at some time.  Usually, problems are easily resolved and calm returns quite soon.


Sometimes though, these issues don’t go away and the longer they continue the harder it is to end the quarrels, causing tension and unease for the entire family.  This is when Relate family counsellors can help.  They can help you to discuss and understand why this problem is causing such hurt.  Sometimes a problem has been getting worse over a period of years between parents and children or between siblings.  This long term rivalry or resentment can have underlying problems which it is good to get to the root of and begin the healing process.


Can it help my family?


All families are different and deal with their problems differently. Relate Family Counsellors are experienced relationship counsellors who are specially trained to work with families to help them resolve their problems.  The counsellors won’t take sides or tell you what to do but will help all the family members to talk about what is bothering them, and then help them to sort out their differences and move forward.


Who will need to go?


You can go alone, with your partner—or with the entire family. Your counsellor will help you decide what would be most helpful. Sometimes two counsellors will work with a family.  If you have family problems but other members of your family refuse to attend counselling you can still go and will still benefit from it.