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anger control


Everybody feels anger, it is part of being human. However, at Relate we work with people when that anger becomes a driving force in their life which could negatively affect their health, wellbeing, work or personal life. It can be a single event or a recurring issue, either way we will be able to help. Anger is caused by many things such as loss of a loved one, work stress, tiredness, stopping smoking/drinking or medication and hormonal inbalance as well as being situational due to conflict or insult.

It has its use because in moments of anger we have excess strength and adrenaline. However, it also has many negative impacts upon mental wellbeing and the people we love as well as contributing to stress, headaches, anxiety and depression. We will work with you to discover what triggers these feelings and how to be aware of, and ultimately control the anger. You can attend these sessions alone, or with a partner for support.