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We understand that money worries are one of the issues which can cause problems in relationships.  We, too,  have the same sort of problems as we no longer receive large grants to help us provide a subsidised service.  This makes it really difficult to run a charity where all income is immediately ploughed back into running the service, and we do want to help as many as possible.

We try our hardest to be as helpful as we can and always appreciate when clients are able to pay the full cost per session, but we do have a small pot of money to help towards payments for the many people who need this.

This is how it works:-

The actual cost of a one hour session is £65:00

We can accept a minimum payment of £35:00 per hour for morning appointments but could only allow four sessions per client at this amount.

We can accept £45 for appointments between 2:00pm and 5:00pm

We can accept £50:00 for appointments in the evening from 5:30 until 9:00

This is for appointments at our main office in St.Austell . Outpost appointments are at the full rate. We ask all of our clients to allow us to claim Gift Aid on their payment.

We know that counselling is quite a large financial commitment (as well as an emotional one!) and most people come for between 6 &8 sessions  – although this may be more or less.  However, if you think of how much you paid for your last holiday, computer or TV, it perhaps puts it a little more in context – and nothing makes the majority of us happier than a successful  happy family and a fulfilled loving relationship!



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