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About Us

Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received about our counselling service:


“I came to Relate because of issues between my partner and I.  My GP recommended the service and the counselling was excellent.  I now understand the problem better and a more able to deal with it.  Relate provided an extremely valuable service which has helped enormously with the issues involved.”


“Our counsellor was incredible and taught us to understand one another better and communicate effectively.  When we told people we were using Relate many said it was for older couples or married couples or that it was sad we had to use them.  All of this is complete rubbish: our relationship is so much stronger because of the help we received and we encourage our friends and family to attend sessions now.  Our problems weren’t even that big but it could have got bigger and we wanted to work on the relationship together.  We can’t thank Relate enough.”


“I found out about Relate through my workplace and wanted to seek some counselling following the demise of a relationship.  The overall service was excellent and the sessions were invaluable in helping me to cope with the situation: it’s helped put things into perspective and given me solutions to help me deal with the stress.”


“We came to Relate to discuss issues in our relationship and areas where we could improve.  We found everything from the counselling, the service, the flexible appointment times and where the counselling took place to be superb.  It was very discreet and confidential at all times and really helped us deal with our problem.”


“We knew of Relate and got in touch to discuss our relationship as a couple but also our children and other family members.  We found the service excellent and the counselling was extremely beneficial to us as a unit.”