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Welcome to Relate Cornwall, helping build better relationships throughout the county

Relate Cornwall are the leading relationship counsellors in Cornwall. We specialise in couples counselling, sexual therapy, children and family counselling and bereavement. We also work in areas such as anger management and mediation. We have a permanent centre in St Austell, and we also offer appointments in outposts. What makes Relate’s reputation so strong is our friendliness, professionalism and approachablilty. Alongside our personal skills and counselling expertise, we never judge you. In our safe space you are welcome to discuss your feelings openly ; our only aim is to help you to grow and overcome these issues. In fact, here at Relate we are advocates of what we call ‘care counselling’ where you don’t just visit us because of a problem but also as a preventative measure and an ongoing commitment to caring for yourself and each other. Many couples visit us monthly or bi-monthly just for continuing attention towards their relationship needs. When we meet, we have an initial discussion and you can see if what we offer is right for you, with no obligation. After all, our relationship with our clients is key to growth and success. Feel free to look around our site, meet our team “virtually” and learn about the different counselling we provide. When you are ready, phone our friendly reception team to arrange an informal chat and arrange meeting us to discuss a brighter future.

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We specialise in helping with:


Marriage Preparation

Our marriage preparation day, is a one-day workshop for groups of up to 12 couples. It is normally held on Saturdays (or over a series of evenings). Enjoyable, revealing and rewarding, you’ll be encouraged to consider things you may not even be aware you need to think about. All in a safe, supportive environment, where

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relationships / marriage/same sex couples

Personal relationships bring up all sorts of challenges and issues which can be caused or made worse by stress, work, having children or misunderstandings within the relationship. We help people who come across difficult issues in their personal relationships. Not only those who want to sort things out, but also those who wish to nurture

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problems at work

Sometimes work or personal problems can turn effective hard-working employees into the opposite and affect profit, efficiency and morale. Relate Cornwall offers a comprehensive counselling service to help your employees deal with difficult & stressful problems and to maintain their positivity and their efficiency levels. We employ highly trained and qualified counsellors who can help

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mediation / communication

Here at Relate we are experts in Mediation and assist in joint decision making without the use of the courts.  We help you to work through the practical and legal arrangements when it comes to your children, your home, possessions and finances.  Mediation is less threatening and less expensive than going to court and the

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an affair

One of the toughest things on a relationship is the fallout from an affair; it often feels like the final straw. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Many of those relationships can survive and flourish with the help of counselling at Relate. Common concerns are of embarrassment for what happened

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family problems

Relate offer Counselling for:    Parents & Children  Brothers & Sisters Step-Parents and Step Children Extended families   What is Relate Family Counselling?   video     In an ideal world, we would all like our families to live happily together and never have quarrels or disagree.  But real life is not like that and

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sex therapy

    video   An active sex life is an integral part of your relationship, and there are several reasons why you may wish to speak to one of our Sex Therapists. Some problems we deal with regularly include: Stress Loss of desire Erectile dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Pain during intercourse We also speak to many

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support for young people

• Worried? • Unhappy? • Being bullied? • Parents arguing, separating or divorcing? Want to talk it over with someone? – Relate Young People can help.     video   At Relate we believe that relationship skills can be learnt, and the earlier the better. We are committed to helping young people develop the skills

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